Bye for now

It’s with great regret that after two months not posting to this blog, I’m now announcing what I hope is a temporary retirement from blogging. I’ve been dealing with a health issue, and need to restrict my activities to give as much energy as I can to that..

That said…. Wow, what an election! I’m thrilled that I was in the end, wrong about Andrew Weaver. He made the only sane decision reaching agreement with John Horgan and the NDP on supply and confidence. I won’t pretend to know what was in mind as he flirted with the BCLiberals who oppose everything he and the Greens stand for.

I also feel sad, because I sense that the corruption inquiries Christy and Company so deserve in the areas of Real Estate, Mining, Site C, Construction Contracts, and the wrecking of BCHydro will not happen..

The new government has a huge job just to govern well and roll back some of the worst decisions of the Clark government.

My one hope is that the BCUC review of Site C proves once and for all to those outside the choir what a bad idea spending $9-12 Billion or more on an unneeded source of energy is.

And I hope in the course of RCMP investigations and audits, rocks are overturned that embarrass Baldrey and Fletcher and Palmer into an admission that for the past six years something large has been very wrong in the administration of government by Christy Clark… The willingness of these gentlemen to gloss over and excuse the service of the corporate interest over the public interest has real consequences. These are seen in homeless counts, in the opioid crisis, in the decline of revenue to government from extraction industries who ship more value over time while sustaining us less….and many other places.

Here’s to a long lasting GreeNDP government mixing good public policy with the exposure over time of the reasons everything needs fixing. Here’s to the end of big money controlling public policy . So many things..

And here’s to a return to good health which will allow me to cover it all, holding the new government and the jaded media to account.

See you soon I hope.


July 24 2017


19 thoughts on “Bye for now”

  1. I have loved, loved, loved reading your blog. Thank you so much for your tireless research and your excellent writing.

    And don’t worry. You’re not the only one out there. There is an emerging cadre of young writers who are picking up the torch. I believe that neoliberalism is on the wane. It was ultimately the reason for Hillary Clinton’s failure, and it will be Trump’s too. The dumbest thing Christy Clark did was attack teachers. They are now awake, and passing on the truth to children: the truth about corporate greed and its relationship to global warming; the truth about history. You should see the bright young teachers I’ve met. They give me great hope!

    More and more, corruption is being stripped naked.

    Meanwhile, here we are. Embrace your illness as part of your reality, wrestle with it, and win. Love yourself; love your family and friends. Godspeed. I’ll look forward to your next posts.

    Jim Watson

    1. I’m replying to Jim but really to all of you.. Thank you for all the kind words. Your support is invaluable. I really felt I was letting you down not posting in such a long time. Just not feeling well enough and overwhelmed by the panoply of issues that needed airing.

      But you’re right Jim. New voices are springing up everywhere and that’s great reason both to hope, and to realize decency and compassion to our fellow humans still has a place in our best vision of society.

  2. Merv sending strength and missing your pointed views and deep digging into BC politics. Shit it was quite the election eh. I’m thinking of you Merv, if there’s anything I can do -ask-
    Lorraine Douglas

  3. Can well understand how health issues sideline a life. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and a resuming of quality life.

    Thank you very much for the blogging. First class reporting that was spot on. This one hits all the targets as usual. All the Best….

  4. All the best, Merv. Your blog posts have kept me in ammo for most of the last two years. I kept getting so angry with the Duchess of Dunbar that I had a hard time staying coherent (at times!).

  5. Merv is a selfless contributor to conversations about politics and public affairs, through this blog and on Twitter. Reading anything from Merv, I always knew it would be helpful and worth my attention. He doesn’t have a personal ax to grind or a private interest to advance. What Merv wants is a better educated citizenry and a more equitable province. I look forward to his speedy return.

  6. Merv… I too want to thank you for your decency, compassion and wisdom – evident in all your postings. Reading your blog has been a shinning light on all the conflict and corruption that was the Pirate Party. Your Veritas gave me hope for a better future and our government has changed… out with the bad (very bad) and in the new.

    The Pirates have been beaten back. Replaced with hope and a focus on real accountability, transparency, competency and honesty. Our future is looking much brighter.

    Now it is good that you put all energy on regaining your good health. We are all pulling for you and look forward to news of your improving health.

    All the best.

  7. All here have said it better than me. I value and believe your dedicated research efforts combined with the others out there are truly what helped oust the libs. Your 2nd paragraph exactly echoes my sentiments.
    I am glad you will take the time you need. I wish you good health and decades ahead to look forward to, Thank You for your enlightenment and work. Meanwhile I will miss your work and look forward to your return!

  8. If it can be beaten by courage and resolve, your health issue has met its match, and we can expect to be reading your great work again soon.

    Looking forward to it. On your schedule; not ours.

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