Purposeful Evasion of Accountability at MCFD

RIP Nick Lang.. This one is for his parents, Peter and Linda. They want to be part of the solution.

Whoever forms the new government, this needs to be fixed. I’ve been on a tear for two years now about the myriad ways the Clark cabal evades true accountability…. Busted for triple delete? Change the law (May 2015) so that the Offenses Act no longer applies just before George Gretes is charged for perjury.. Health Firings? Delay. Order endless reviews. Never say who or why.

Peter Lang  is involved in a lawsuit over his son’s death vs the Ministry of Children and Familes… Peter and Linda gave up their son to get him into badly needed drug rehab. Attendance at the court ordered program was part of Nick’s probation conditions. That effort failed when multiple lines of communication broke down. Nick Lang took his own life.

Peter posted information this morning confirmed through an internal source indicating  that far from learning the lessons from Nick’s death, the Ministry proceeded down a path of making sure accountability for negligence would be further out of reach in future. Here is what he wrote. Bold emphasis is mine where included.

Many of you know our story, losing our son Nick Lang, due to poor communication and utter negligence by the Youth Probation Officer (YPD) and MCFD. The second anniversary of Nick’s death is fast approaching and  want to share how MCFD has become more secretive  since Nick’s death.

Nick fell through the cracks because of gaps in communication starting with Court and finishing with the YPO / MCFD.

Some examples: a) Judge was NEVER told our son was indigenous. b) YPO  wouldn’t use email to communicate with us, just texts. I would text and not receive a reply for hours, sometimes days. c) Nick’s mom phoned the YPO and left messages and never received a return call for days. d) The (treatment) program staff were never told of Nick’s suicide threat.

When the MCFD internal investigation was being done, the YPO tried to claim I didn’t share important medical info. My saved text messages showed the YPO and I discussing that exact document. He was caught in a lie but thank God I had those messages saved. There was no plausible deniability anymore.

It was immediately after this that MCFD brought down the edict FORBIDDING text messages about Youth clients to parents and guardians. Emails were already verboten. Phone calls, or face to face discussions now being the only way (if you are lucky) of asking questions, reporting concerns, etc.

MCFD’s ONLY aim is to minimize the chance of being caught in a vulnerable position when the next child dies. They have built in the plausible deniability when it happens again.

BCLibs have never been open and honest in their communications to citizens. It’s always been “Lie, Deny, Delete” and that culture has permeated ALL Ministries, including MCFD. Simply put, they are putting our Youth at higher risk of harm and death with this “no paper trail” policy. This is why we fight. RIP Nick Lang.

The fight to change the hyper-partisan culture within the political branches of government must take place whatever new government forms.. The fact it has got to this state where a Ministry response to a child’s death is actively reducing accountability and eliminating paper trails calls for urgent review wherever this pattern is manifest in the civil service.

Lastly, it’s a damned shame Peter Lang and Linda Tenpas need to drag MCFD into court to be part of the solution.


3 thoughts on “Purposeful Evasion of Accountability at MCFD”

  1. Well said Merv.

    From the opening statement on the MFCD website:

    “The Ministry works together with Delegated Aboriginal Agencies, Aboriginal service partners and approximately 5,400 contracted community social service agencies and foster homes, cross-government and social sector partners to deliver inclusive, culturally respectful, responsive and accessible services that support the well-being of children, youth and families.”

    Responsive and accessible except that e-mail and text messages, which have done more in the last decade to improve information access and response times for the general population than any other communication tools, are banned.

    When the problem is poor communication and the solution is to restrict the most effective methods, the signal is clear. Accountability for supporting the well being of children, youth and families is not the goal.

    1. Great comment as always Lew..”When the problem is poor communication and the solution is to restrict the most effective methods, the signal is clear. Accountability for supporting the well being of children, youth and families is not the goal.”

  2. lie ,deny, D3-delete delete delete,shred ,delay, detract,deflect,defeat.

    Currency that trades poorly in BC -integrity,honesty ,accountability.

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