What Now? Post Election Thoughts

Cash for Access is what it’s all about.

Did you see the mood at BCLiberal HQ on election night as late results rolled in painting Surrey and Burnaby Orange? Did you see Andrew Wilkinson, ashen faced?

Yes, Vaughn Palmer nailed it.. Christy Clark lost on Tuesday night. The high contrast between celebrations at NDP and Green Venues and the quiet shock and murmured conversations at the Liberal venue said it all… And Vaughn mused about what was in the thoughts of the attendees. “I paid $10,000 a plate for this?”.

Did you see Press Secretary Stephen Smart putting out the absurd line that because Clark had supported no brainer popular moves on high heels in the workplace… that somehow translated into common ground with the Greens and room for cooperation on far larger issues (hello..Kinder Morgan, LNG, Campaign Reform, )?

A story: back before the official campaign began, Clark’s cabal was hosting a cash for access private dinner in the Okanagan.. Some of us want to know who is at these things. We want to know what is tacitly or overtly promised. One reporter tried to get pictures, but failed as the diners were driven to the event in a blacked out van. I don’t think rubber chicken was on the menu.

Think about our press. Without Kathy Tomlinson of the Globe and Mail we wouldn’t know the slightest about shadow flips in Real Estate. Further, there would be no federal RCMP investigation into lobbyist donations. Kathy is recently from Toronto and works paid from there.

Now think about the blacked out van and imagine Trudeau, or Harper, or Notley inside it driving with a half dozen cash rich donors to a secret location. The story was ignored here. What would the press do on any other stage?

Well… whatever chaos ensues from recounts and absentee ballots. That is over.  Horgan and Weaver will find a way to end it.

We have an unstable government of some sort for the next year or more and we don’t know how it will configure, but ending Pay to Play starts now.

To Mr. Horgan and Dr Weaver… great campaigns… Dr Weaver accomplished the end of the vote-split argument.. The Green vote thought about it, stuck with their choice and grew..

John Horgan identified who was primarily disenchanted with a government that had shifted costs from the wealthy to the average. He identified the swing seats where home ownership for the kids is beyond a pipe dream now. He worked them, and broke the grip of those who paid  $10K for dinner because they expected the BCLiberals to deliver exactly the high quality dinner you expect on a gravy train.

Note: My last post was sharply critical of Weaver flirting with the Liberals.. I no longer believe he has any option given his caucus and the Green Base but to work with Horgan… I continue to find some of the things he said disturbing, but events……