The Last Post (of this election cycle )

It’s almost exactly two years since I began building this blog, and before I get to my thoughts on Tuesday’s election, some thanks are due. If I tried to list everyone who has been kind I would fail to remember someone so I won’t. But particularly I want to thank Norm Farrell, Laila Yuile, RossK and Bob Mackin for both their desire to help and their efforts on behalf of a better BC. (I put that in small caps because I don’t mean to confuse it with a political slogan). Huge thanks also to the thousands who have read and shared my musings and those who have commented in the threads. I will try and keep my election thoughts brief and to the point

I have always been NDP leaning as a voter. To disguise that would be disingenuous. I hope for an NDP majority on Tuesday. But above party principles, I place the public interest. Integrity. Honesty. A reasonable degree of open-ness. I don’t believe these things are too much to ask of any government. I will ask for these things from an NDP government if Horgan wins, and I expect them.

But I also won’t disguise the fact that having been redistributed into Andrew Weaver’s riding recently, I considered an “Anybody But Christy” vote. Andrew lost my vote, and here’s why.

On Twitter he has been unhinged frankly. Given to rude and dismissive arguments… I first noticed it over a year ago when NDP MLA Doug Routley would engage him. Neither of them looked good, and I was glad when Routley stopped.

More recently though Weaver has engaged critics personally with deplorable lack of grace and tact… Not constantly I admit. But there was one unforgivable line to an opponent, no matter the context..Weaver asked this person.. “Have you ever had a job?”. I can’t vote for that.

The larger question though has been more or less answered. My strong sense is that Weaver would prefer to prop up Clark and the Liberals in a minority situation.. He denies and deflects the question, but he didn’t mind telling Keith Baldrey at length last night how he preferred Christy Clark as a person to deal with. He didn’t mind telling Keith how Horgan “got mad at him”.

To prop up Christy Clark would be to prop up the party of triple delete, the party of the Health Firings scandal, the Basi Virk plea purchase, the party of LNG fabrications, the party of cash for access unlimited…. the party of environmental abdication and deregulation, of Mt Polley..

In other words, for Weaver to not clearly state that he will not support Clark is an admission that he might betray every principle I thought was Green.

We know Andrew Weaver is not forming government… I mean, the polls are close between the BCLiberals and the NDP, but the Greens miracle hallelujah result would be four seats and official party status and the chance to be king or queen-maker. It may happen, but in a situation where one percent of the popular vote could swing five seats, it’s a narrow target.

The third reason to not vote as “Anybody but Christy” and put an X beside Dr. Weaver was the dismal lack of solid riding specific polling. He’s almost certainly going to be returned to the legislature but both Bryce Casavant and the BCLiberal challenger have considerable support evident in the region.

Other ridings are even closer… Eric Grenier of 308 has only two seats as even “leaning Green”. Those are OBGH, my riding, and Saanich North. Two. To be fair, five days out from May 2013, every polling effort, including Grenier’s was way off, but that proves my point.

An ABC vote is not worth the cogitation required because this election is down to the energy of volunteers now and the “Get Out the Vote” machinery…. To my mind, the workers for all three campaign are sufficiently energized to put out their best effort.

So I’m asking the undecided to think about it… When it comes to the ethical and legal failures I’ve spent the last two years blogging about, no informed voter can possibly accept the BCLiberal record. But the time for me to recount it all and complain of mainstream media laziness in some quarters (not all) ?? That’s over.

The fact the BCLiberals are close to being returned is evidence of a real right-wing and centre right natural leaning of the province.

But consider the NDP…On day one of a Horgan mandate, you get the end of donor dollars unduly influencing government policy to the detriment of 98% of us… You get the end of the Wild West not only of political donations, but also defunding of public education and the Wild West of environmental pillage with shockingly reduced returns to the public treasury..

As soon as big money, corporate AND union donation end, we get a start to a government in which need, and the greatest benefit to the public as a whole dictates public decision making. We get a start to having wide concerns about public accountability listened to and not dismissed.

There… that’s done. I’m not done. Whatever the result next week, I will blog as needed when something I feel is wrong with government. I will agree on policy more often if Horgan wins, so I may get a bit quiet in such as case… But I promise integrity and accountability will remain my top concerns….

Think. Vote. Get others to the polls if you can.

I dedicate this post to Rod MacIsaac, and separately to Nick Lang, Alex Gervais, and all of the other 100s of kids who have died in government care..And their families.




7 thoughts on “The Last Post (of this election cycle )”

  1. Thanks Merv. Your words and my heart both go in the same direction. There is a newcomer in my riding, because of the retirement of Maurine K., but I know Mitzi Dean personally and cannot imagine a better person to serve this riding.

  2. Thanks, Merv, for all your efforst on this blog.

    I have already cast my vote for the NDP candidate vying against BC Lib John Martin. have actively helped with Tracey O’Hara’s campaign — and encourage other left-leaners to not just vote: but get out and do something to double or quadruple your vote. Hand out pamphlets, hold banners, post a lawn sign, help on election day.

    Give your party an edge by volunteering in some way. (Cash donations help, too.)

  3. Bravo, Merv. Looking forward to hope a better day emerges for BC. I thank you for the content you provided to my listeners on The View Up Here over the last months. Carry on.

  4. Merv, it’s appreciated that you joined the ranks of some very knowledgeable journalists like Norm, Ross K, Bob etc.
    With respect to your assessment on Andrew Weaver, anyone who believes he or his party can win this election is out to lunch. I do see a few trolls on CBC’s website that comment with a true belief they can win.
    There is only one thing Weaver can do to get any respect in the leg and that is to support Christy because he knows she will give him the odd win from his agenda. They, the Libs & Greens feed on each other and have no respect for taxpayers or the good of BC. For these 2 party’s it’s all about maintaining a presence in BC politics. End of story.
    And yes I voted…… and proud to say I voted NDP. I have morals and will not support the theft & corruption we have seen in the past 16 years.

    Guy in Victoria

    1. Thanks Guy and everyone. Once again apologies for slow comment approvals,, back trouble keeps me away from the computer these days. Keep on! Three more days!

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