Jay Chalke Reports on the Health Firings

It’s not enough, in terms of asking why Rod MacIsaac (or any of the health researchers) was bullied and fired. But it’s enough to turf a government.

Jay Chalke’s report on the 4.5 year health firings scandal is out : read.. https://t.co/vIbJ5PrfPI .

Last summer I did a couple of spots on CanadianGlen’s radio podcast. The theme I tried to get across in regards to the Clark government is that no one is ever accountable. The theme I tried to get across with regard to ProMedia’s treatment of Clark government scandals is that the Minister is never responsible. Nobody ever resigns.  The Chalke report is a case in point in the former case…We will see as regards media coverage. Stay tuned.

Let’s accept for the purpose of argument that Chalke is right. Alanna James original complaint re contracting practices in government was overblown, and a botched investigation is the start and end of the health firings case. Let’s discard conspiracy theories about Big Pharma and Champix and researchers damaging the government agenda with uncomfortable findings re same.

There’s still plenty left to illustrate my point. Nobody in the Clark government pays the price when things go wrong, or if they do it’s only under extreme public pressure. None of the investigators who bullied the researchers and put them through kangaroo court has been fired. No Minister has taken the fall for misleading the Legislature, the public or the RCMP with regards to evidence being forwarded to the RCMP for potential charges vs the accused. These are serious wrongs which destroyed lives and careers and caused a suicide.

Everyone responsible is still standing, though the bus has driven decisively over Graham Whitmarsh… According to Chalke, Graham Whitmarsh is the bureaucrat who blew it (in consulation with John Dyble, Mike DeJong, Margaret MacDiarmid and the Premier’s Office, but no matter).

Vaughn Palmer is first out of the gate with a column outlining the political maneuvering after the fact as it all went wrong… http://vancouversun.com/opinion/columnists/vaughn-palmer-airing-facts-of-health-firings-scandal-uncovers-smell-as-well The last line says it all…But let’s be very clear that if Christy Clark had her way back in the fall of 2014, this airing of the facts never would have happened.”

If the purpose of the McNeill review was to “get to the bottom of it” as Clark stated at the time, that review was designed to fail. There was no testimony under oath.. From the beginning, those who bullied and obfuscated through all this have been protected. We still don’t know their names. Many are still employed in government, with promotions and lifelong benefits, because, you know.. mistakes happen.

Bullshit. Please also read Bob Mackin’s piece from the Breaker News https://t.co/VusKze7Z3p “Innocent workers had nightmares police would raid their homes in the middle of the night. MacIsaac couldn’t take the shame of losing his job and died of suicide. Evidence shows that, when his performance was reappraised, nobody called to tell him so. In hindsight, it could have kept him alive.”

Chalke recommends financial compensation to those victims who are still with us.  Linda Kayfish and other researchers are demanding something better. They want Christy Clark to hold people who did wrong accountable. They want Christy Clark to look them in the eye and apologize face to face.

It’s the least they deserve.

And the least we deserve as a public is to see the politicians who went along with this four year coverup to resign, but we won’t get that. We need instead to see them soundly defeated on May 9th. That’s Mike deJong, who was Health Minister at the genesis, and every BCLiberal MLA who sat like sheep while Terry Lake maintained the RCMP investigation fiction. Shame on all of them.

It’s time for a new government for many reasons. Don’t forget this case. Vote.

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    1. Yes, Clark is under oath not recalling being briefed,and on radio saying she asked lots of questions and was very interested (in doing the best thing of course).. She’s a liar one way or the other.. Laila has more on that at her place..https://lailayuile.com/2017/04/07/despite-the-ombudsmans-misfire-report-consistent-inconsistencies-questions-remain-on-health-firings-travesty/ and so does Paul Willcocks.. http://willcocks.blogspot.com/2017/04/which-christy-clark-response-on-health.html … (BTW I love RossK’s blogroll….saves so much time 🙂

  1. The report on page 133 describes Graham Whitmarsh writing to brief Minister Michael de Jong; “This is further to our discussion on August 3, 2012 when I briefed you on an investigation that was actively under way under my direction…”

    If Mr. Whitmarsh directed the investigation, he should not have been fired “without cause”. He should have been fired for cause and should not have received a generous severance package.

    His role in this travesty provides a very good indication of how easy it must have been for the operatives in the Attorney General’s ministry to have him sign the release agreement constituting the government’s consideration in the Basi/Virk BC Rail payoff. The key elected official in each case was Michael de Jong. But as Christy says he’s just a farmer. So what can we expect?

    It is also clear from the report that there are many ADMs rolling around within government that have attained that stature with no apparent evidence of common sense. Something has to change, but with no consequences that seems unlikely.

    We need to change the whole climate within government. Let’s vote with that change in mind.

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