The Last Word on the Hack that Wasn’t

At the end of my last post I wrote that the “spin and misdirection are so thick it’s impossible to determine if …. anything…. happened. “

That turned out to be prescient (first time ever?).

There was no hack. There were no criminal acts. But I count Independent MLA Vicki Huntington stepping forward and naming her own office as the source of Mike Smyth’s stories in the Province ….. Well that was the ‘revolutionary act of telling the truth.’

There were no dirty deeds by BCNDP HQ targeting the Liberals. There was no dissemination of private information by anyone except the BC Liberals themselves. The BCLiberals yesterday sent out a letter which in it’s first sentence tried to blame Independent MLA Vicki Huntington for the debacle caused by no-one but themselves.

Everything Christy Clark said in the last week on the subject of the hacking story was a falsehood including , I allege, the apology to Horgan. Left on a voicemail. Really? Can your people not talk to his people and arrange a time to talk? Unbelievable, Premier Clark.

But I leave the last word to this 8 minutes of Drex at CKNW who summed up this ridiculous attempt to smear the NDP, deflect from the real issues like dying children in care, and mislead the public again ….and again…  Have a listen. It’s real radio at a time the public deserves it. Click the link .


5 thoughts on “The Last Word on the Hack that Wasn’t”

  1. Drex is an example of a media person who is not jaded by decades observing BC’s political scene. He’s trying to connect to listeners, not trying to act as an apologist for someone who might book after-dinner speakers, buy the next meal or pay for rounds of golf.

    Like people who spend workdays pumping septic tanks, a few Victoria based pundits have grown used to the fetid environment. By example, one partisan TV & print pundit announced – not for the first time – that scandals don’t impact voters. By implication, we shouldn’t bother with wrongdoing because truth and honour are unimportant.

  2. Leaving an apology on his voicemail? All that does is drag him into it. “Did she apologize, Jon? What did she say? Will you accept the apology, Jon? Did she sound sincere?” As if he needed to be dragged into this. This, as Horgan has said himself, has nothing to do with him.

    Neither Horgan, nor any man is prepared to deal with highschool Meangirl World. That’s a the world Christy Clark never left. She’s got the mean girl game down tight. Move over Regina George!

  3. Of all the flagrant and glaring scandals that plague the Neo-Liberal party of BC the one i hope gets brought to light next by a foreign press /msm entity is the total co-opting of our local “main stream media” through nepotism , cronyism and lucrative contracts to spread their “information”. Talking head reporters and broad castors moved into figure head positions in government , local pundits and columnists spouses children and family in government positions. This is the main contributor to public ignorance. Scandals don’t impact voters ….unless they are from the nineties ! If government is going to support their propaganda arm of postmedia with bailouts and tax breaks i think we should pick a couple local bloggers and make the government give them matching tax dollars.

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