My time with CanadianGlen on Blogtalk radio

Glen and I had quite an adventure with technical troubles for the first ten minutes of this podcast, but then we got talking about the Old Massett school grant.. the situation in Lax Kw’alaams territory with regard to the Petronas LNG project.. and finally the Health Researcher Firings scandal.

I gather the link has the worst edited out but if there is still trouble, please skip the first ten minutes of this link. Remember as you do, that @canadianglen , like me, does his blog work on his own time and his own dime. As a friend says : “perfection is neither required nor expected” ..

Thanks for listening. It was an adventure to do such a lengthy segment of live broadcast, my first, but I enjoyed it and we covered some necessary ground. Thanks to Glen for hosting. I’m gearing up for a busy summer and comment approvals may be quite slow for the rest of July and early August.