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“Verification, which is crucial to journalism, means nailing down assertions with verifiable facts. Verification in reverse is taking established facts and manufacturing doubt about them, which creates political friction, and the friction then becomes an energy source you can tap for campaigning. It’s a political technique.

Now: how should political journalists stand toward this technique? As savvy insiders who know how the game is played and need to maintain their innocence? If they do that, and verification in reverse grows and succeeds, it will be the equivalent of running over the press with a truck. Journalism will become superflous. “When we act, we create our own reality” wasn’t so much a boast as a taunt. It was an operative telling a journalist, “you don’t count.” We can create our own reality and you guys can’t stop us.”

Media analysis by Jay Rosen. Thanks to Paul Ramsay for the link. Please read the whole thing.

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  1. A search on “David Loukidelis” and “Michael de Jong” (who was A.G. when Loukidelis made the move from Info Commissioner to Deputy A.G) has found something on your blog, which I don’t recall previously visiting.

    I have no blog of my own, but I’ve done a lot of productive investigation into how various (mostly, but not exclusively, provincial) agencies have demonstrated incompetence, and engaged in malfeasance, including contravening certain laws.

    I have a record of litigation (a number of decisions and judgements are readily accessible on CANLII) and I commenced another action – by petition – on October 3. The Respondent is the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner. I had cause to pursue such an action in 2010 in response to an OIPC “order” (F10-04) you can find on their website. That was issued one week after I sent to Loukidelis and Paul Fraser a letter they never answered:

    I have of course shared much of my story with the press, with the result you would expect. The OIPC is in serious trouble with me, and I think they know it. Watch that agency’s performance over the next six months.

  2. I agree with the statement ““Verification, which is crucial to journalism, means nailing down assertions with verifiable facts. ” in spite of what has turned out to be a over 700 year misdirection aimed at exploiting the Indigenous land around the world. ….. I wonder what would happen if ordinary Canadians realized that CANADA, BC and all the Provinces including the Province of Canada are ONLY SEC Companies, and as a result fully under Corporate Rules, this means any Company that pretends to be a NATION, is ULTRA VIRES, meaning acting beyond the scope of a Corporation, and as such ILLEGAL FRAUD ! ….. the rub is your still not putting it together, some company has been illegally collecting TAXES from Canadians …. ILLEGALLY .

    “Verification, which is crucial to journalism, means nailing down assertions with verifiable facts.”

    Regards from Turtle Island, wishing you a good celebration as you’ll celebrate 150 years of not paying the rent to the Indigenous Day,

    Embassador ARARITA

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